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What are ABC CABLE?

Mar 29, 2022 Honrey Cable

What are ABC CABLE?

Aerial Bundled Cables(also aerial bundled conductors or simply ABC) are overhead power lines using several insulated phase conductors bundled tightly together, usually with a bare neutral conductor. This contracts with the traditional practice of using uninsulated conductors separated by air gaps.

 Why we choose ABC Cable?

Increasing safety: ABC Cable is less risk of a neutral-only break from tree or vehicle damage, relative immunity to short circuits caused by external forces(wind,fallen branches); it can stand in close proximity to trees/buildings and will not generate sparks if touched.

Simple installation:

Simpler installation: ABC Cable as crossbars and insulators are not required. less labor intensive, less construction resources needed.

Low maintenance costs: ABC Cable is less required maintenance and necessary inspections of lines, electricity theft is made harder and more obvious to detect, that’s why ABC Cable has started to replace bare copper cable and aluminum conductor worldwide.

Widely used occasions: ABC Cables are widely used for areas where the installation is quite tough, where it is very hard to lay the lines between the narrow gaps of buildings. ABC Cables are also best choice for places such as hilly areas or dense forest.

Economical Prices: You can get much better price on ABC Cable than other traditional cables.

How to transport ABC cables?

ABC Cables are loaded to the containers in the factory, reinforce firm every drums to ensure they are safe and stable during transportation. After the door closed with excusive seal number, the containers dispatched to the port and loaded to the ship, it will take around 30-40 days arriving destination port, then the customers can take the goods against the Bill of Lading.


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