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    600V Duplex Conductor URD Cable



    Directly buried or installed in ducts for 600 volt secondary distribution.


    ASTM B-230,B-231 and ICEA S-66-524
    UL Standard 854 for type USE
    Federal Specification JC-30B NEC


    Duplex Aluminum 600V URD cable is designed for use in secondary distribution circuits, where installed in duct or direct burial applications. Maximum operating temperature is not to exceed 90°C in wet and dry locations. Voltage rating is 600 volts. As an option, this cable can be provided pre-pulled into duct.


    Concentric stranded or compressed 1350-H19 aluminum conductor, crosslinked polyethylene insulation. Insulated conductors surface printed, neutral triple yellow striped. Black neutrals may be specified if desired.

    Cable in Duct(CIC)

    Abrasion Resistant

    Technical Parameter

    Code Name Phase Conductor Neutral Single Phase Conductor(in) Outside diameter(in) Weight Per 1000ft (lbls) Ampacity
    Size AWG Strand Insulation Thickness (mls) Size AWG Strand Insulation Thickness (mls) Direct Burial In Duct
    Bard 8 7/w 60 8 7/w 60 .262 .524 76 70 70
    Claflin 6 7/w 60 6 7/w 60 .299 .596 91 95 70
    Delgado 4 7/w 60 4 7/w 60 .345 .690 129 125 90
    Everett 2 7/w 60 2 7/w 60 .403 .806 189 187 100

    Ampacity: 90°C conductor temperature, 20°C ambient temperature. RHO 90. 100% load factor. All Yellow Extruded Stripe, cable is XLP insulation.
    To determine correct ampacity by conductor size, please consult the National Electric Code, latest edition.
    Packaging: Available in 500 ft.coils 500ft. reels and long lengths.
    The above data are approximate and subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.



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