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Does the Rubber Cable Have Anti-corrosion Function?

Rubber cable, especially mining rubber cable with flame retardant and fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant waterproof and other functions; the following is to introduce whether the rubber cable has anti-corrosion function.

The rubber cable has anti-corrosion function?

Rubber wire and cable is made of multi-stranded fine copper wire as the conductor, covered with rubber insulation and rubber sheath of a soft and movable cable species. Multi-strand copper core rubber cable in general, including general-purpose flexible rubber cable, epr flexible cable, welding machine cable, diving motor cable, coal mine rubber cable and other varieties. Rubber cable structure is reasonable, soft, wear-resistant, mechanical strength, W-derived cable with weather resistance and certain oil resistance, suitable for outdoor or contact with oil and dirt occasions, and these places often have corrosive environmental conditions; In addition, mining rubber cable for non-fixed laying of power lines of mining machinery, but also has three characteristics: one is flame retardant, that is, non-delayed combustion two is weather resistance; three is a good mechanical properties.

The Advantages of the Rubber Cable

General-purpose rubber-sheathed flexible cable is different from the building wire like h05v u cable. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural and daily electrical as a mobile power line connecting electrical devices, can be used in various outdoor and outdoor environments, according to the external forces applied, the product is divided into two forms: medium and heavy.

Medium cable: this sort of electrical cables for sale should be flexible enough to move and bend, the cable is light in weight, small outside diameter, very easy to use, and generally does not bear the action of external forces. Weather resistance; third, good mechanical properties.

Heavy-duty cable: should be able to withstand the action of large mechanical external forces (extrusion, impact). Sheath has high mechanical properties, good wear resistance and elasticity, but also should have a certain degree of flexibility to facilitate bending and movement.

General-purpose flexible rubber cable moves frequently, the use of frequent bending, twisting, friction and other mechanical external forces, all the requirements of the cable soft wear-resistant. And often in contact with oil, the cable used outdoors to withstand the exposure to sunlight, so also require such cables with sunlight aging and oil resistance and moisture resistance.


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