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Introduction to Solar Cable and Their Scope of Use

Product Description of Solar Cable

Solar cable is a special cable used in solar power generation systems, mainly for DC voltage terminals, lead-in connections for power generation equipment and inter-component sink connections, up to a maximum voltage of DC1.8KV for photovoltaic power generation equipment systems. It is as functional as airdac sne cable. It is weather-resistant, cold-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, friction-resistant, UV-resistant and ozone-resistant, with a service life of at least 25 years.

The high quality oxygen-free tinned copper conductor ensures its superior conductive effect, and the high performance insulation and sheath material after cross-linking by high energy electron gas pedal radiation plays an absolutely reliable insulating performance and mechanical performance. This kind of electric wire for sale is a green product, with halogen-free and low smoke, low halogen and low smoke characteristics, once a fire accident occurs, the flame spreads slowly, the smoke concentration is low, the visibility is high, the release of harmful gases is small, and it is easy for people to evacuate, and more time to deal with the fire. And there is more time to deal with the fire. 

Use of Solar Cable

Solar cables include single core solar cable and twin core solar cable. They are different from ACSR/AW Conductor with regards to application. They can be used in solar power plants or solar facilities, equipment wiring and connection, comprehensive performance, weather resistance, adapt to a variety of power plant environment worldwide use.

As the connection cable of solar energy device, it can be used in outdoor installation under different climatic conditions and can be adapted to dry and humid indoor working environment.


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