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Instrument Cable

Our instrument cable wire mainly suitable for instrument, instrument and so on. its voltage is 500Volts or less , and the highest operating temperature is 70℃.It can also be used for signal transmission and control lines in other electrical equipment . The laying temperature should not be lower than 0℃, and the allowable bending radius of the cable should not be less than 6 times of the cable diameter. Range of use includes for fixed laying, connecting instruments, or for fixed laying and require anti-interference, can also be used for soft applications.

Instrument Cable Features

Max. AC Voltage


Max. working Temperature



These electrical wires and cables for sale are suitable for instruments.

Specification of Instrument Cable

Technical Parameter
TypeProduct nameApplication
YVVPVC insulation/ PVC sheathed instrument cableFixed laying, used for instrument, instrument connection
YVVPPVC insulation/ PVC sheathed shielding instrument cableFixed laying, for the connection of instruments and meters, for the need for anti-interference cases
RVVPVC insulation/ PVC sheathed flexible instrument cableUsed for flexible occasions
RVVPPVC insulation/ PVC sheathed flexible shielding instrument cableUsed for flexible, anti-interreference occasions

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