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The Difference Between Overhead Insulated Cable And Buried Power Cable

An overhead insulated cable is an overhead conductor with an insulating layer. Overhead insulated cable is mainly used for conveying power in telecommunication system or power system with rated voltage of 0.6/1kV, 10kV and 35kV. It is a new high voltage transmission mode between overhead wire and underground cable. Overhead insulated cables are used in most of the old urban power grid reconstruction. It has the main features of high reliability of power supply, good safety of power supply, convenient erection and maintenance, reasonable economy and so on. Compared with underground cables, although they are easily affected by the outside world, not safe enough and not beautiful, but overhead insulated cable is low in construction cost and simple in construction, so they are used in the suburbs far from the urban area and less human flow, and are also widely used in places where underground cables are difficult to lay.

Buried cable is often buried in the ground , so it is also called underground cable. This cable is a wire made of one or more mutually insulated conductors with an insulating layer and a protective layer, which is used to transfer power or information from one place to another. Different from overhead high-voltage lines, buried cables are often laid in cable trenches, tunnels, pipelines or indoor. Compared with overhead line, Buried cable has the advantages of small area, reliable transmission and strong anti-interference ability.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The differences between overhead insulated cables and buried cables are as follows: 1. The working environment is different. Overhead cables mainly refer to overhead open lines, which are set up on the ground. Buried cable is mainly buried in the ground. 2. The materials is different : Overhead cables have insulating layer , The insulation material is usually PVC or XLPE, and there is generally no jacket layer. The conductor of the buried cable is usually copper or aluminum conductor, and this cable also have insulating layer and sheath layer, and sometimes armored layer.


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