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bare stranded copper conductor
bare stranded copper cable
bare copper conductor cable
bare cu conductor

Bare Copper Conductor (HDBC)

Hard drawn copper stranded wire is also called bare copper conductor cable, which is produced by high purity oxygen-free copper rod. The bare stranded copper cable is mainly used in the bearing cable of electrified railway overhead contact line, lightning protection ground horizontal grid, signal transmitting antenna, overhead transmission cable, distribution wire and building conductor. Compared with soft copper wire, it has the advantages of high tensile strength, small resistance, good conductivity and so on. It is often used in places with excellent electrical properties and high tension requirements.

Bare Copper Conductor (HDBC) Features


The standard of this bare conductor cable is IEC, ASTM, BS etc.


Different from aac all aluminum conductor, its construction is class 2 bare copper conductor.

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