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Features of Mining Cables

The output power that can be shown by the critical route cross-sectional area of the mining cable needs to meet the cable load requirements and cannot carry a load. This requires us to make certain calculations throughout the laying process, to clarify the cable specifications and model specifications to be selected.

Application Characteristics of Mining Cables

Just like useb90 cable, the mining cable has a universal scope of application. Mainly used for mining road and mining machinery and equipment cable products, involving mining hand drill cable, communication and lighting fixture cable, mining transport, mining lamp cap, mining mobile power distribution station drive power switch power cable.

The natural environment of mining cable application is complex, the office environment is harsh, and the accumulation of coal bed methane and mine dust is prone to cause explosions, so the safety factor of the cable is high.

The products are applied to move, bend and twist frequently, so the cables need to be soft, stable in structure, not easy to kink, etc. And it needs to have certain abrasiveness.

Structural Characteristics of Mining Cable

Conductive wire core: copper core is selected with a soft structure, which is twisted by multiple monofilament bundles. Usually, copper wire electrical conductors are chosen as Class 5 or Class 6 electrical conductors.

Insulation layer: The insulation layer material is usually vulcanized rubber.

Cable knot diameter ratio is small.

Many products are hand-woven metal materials, electrostatic field symmetry, insulation layer sensitivity increased. 5. The outer sheath is thicker, in the coal mine for color matching scheme, easy for the construction team to master the different voltage ratings of the cable.


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