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  • Who are we?

    We are HONREY CABLE, located in Zhengzhou, China. Sell to North America, South America, Europe, Mid East, Asia, South Africa, West Africa for many years. There are total about 5-30 people in our office.

  • How can we guarantee quality?

    HONREY CABLE, as one of top electrical wire distributors, will provide you technical data sheets with the cable drawing when we sent you the quotation, and if needed, we also can provide a pre-production sample before mass production; we not only test the raw materials before production, but also have the test during the production , when finished the mass production, we have at least two times of final Inspection before shipment, at the same time, the final test report and the video of test process will be sent you before shipment.

  • What can you buy from us?

    Bare conductor, Overhead insulated cables, Power cable, Solar cable, Rubber cable, Concentric cable, building wire etc.

  • Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

    We have strict quality management monitoring system, can provide you with high quality products. At the same time, we also pay attention to their own competitiveness, through scientific research, market research, and other continuous improvement, will provide you with a competitive cable.

  • What services can we provide?

    Pursuing maximal customer satisfaction and adhering to the principle of quality, fast, standard and sincere service, HONREY CALBE provides all-round services for customers before, during and after sales.

  • Any warranties with your products?

    We manufacturer long life, durable products for industries, Wire harnesses, always 5 years Warranties, connectors and cables, we provide 5-10 years Warranties. This is the longest warranty in our industry, only we can give our customers this promise.

  • What affects the quote of a product?

    There are several factors affecting the quoted price of the product: 

    1. Wire/material: PVC, TPE, TPU rubber, silica gel, etc.

    2. The number of conductor/cores: 2 or 4 cores 0.2 square mm or 0.5 square mm. 

    3. More preferential order quantity. 

    4. Other: special process, label, packaging, etc.

  • How can we quickly get accurate quotation?

    Because wire and cable, terminal wire and plug wiring harness are non-standard customized products, the need for detailed specifications of the product, drawings of physical pictures or provide samples.


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