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Types of Electrical Cables for Sale

Power Cable

Power cable is used for transmission and distribution electric energy , including 1-500KV and above various voltage levels cable.

Solar Cable

Solar cable (PV Cable/Wire ) is used in the low-voltage DC transmission part of the solar photovoltaic power generation system.

Rubber Cable

Rubber cable is formed by fine copper wire as conductor, rubber insulation and rubber sheathed. Including general rubber cable welding cable, submersible pump cable etc….

Concentric Cable

Concentric cable is a kind of cable to prevent energy loss. It is divided into copper core cable and aluminum core cable. The voltage is 0.6/1KV.

Other Wires & Cables

Honrey cable also have other wires & cables , such as instrument cable , fiber optical cable (adss) , control cable , welding cable etc.

Advantages of Electrical Cables For Sale

Advantages of Electrical Cables For Sale
  • Safety in Use: From raw materials to finished products, the whole process of quality inspection. 

  • Easy to use: According to the standard manufacturing, the self life of our electrical wires and cables for sale is long, simple maintenance. 

  • High use value: There is a lot of room for improvement, which makes our electrical cables such as airdac cable for sale increasingly useful.

  • Provide after-sales service: We provide pre-sale, sale and after-sales service to all our customers.

What is Electrical Cable Made of?

The following are the primary materials used in electrical wires and cables for sale:

  • Copper is the primary material utilized since it is an excellent conductor of electricity and is affordable.

  • Aluminium is another popular material, however it is not as conductive as copper. For example, the all aluminium conductor is made of aluminium.

  • Gold is a nonconductor that is used in bonding and plate connections to prevent oxidation or corrosion.

  • Silver is a high-conductor with low resistance for metal-to-metal connections that aids in heat reduction.

  • Tungsten is utilized when wires need to be more resistant but not melt.

What is Electrical Cable Made of?
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