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Features and Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Cable

Features of aluminum alloy cables

Under the same weight, the current carrying capacity of aluminum alloy conductor is twice that of copper conductor, and this important performance advantage has been widely recognized and trusted in the power grids of developed countries. The special self-locking armored form of aluminum alloy cable can be laid directly without the use of cable protection tubes, saving a large number of pipes, which means that the cost is reduced and safe and reliable. The special self-locking armored form can make the cable easier to bend, even in the case of very narrow space, it can also be easily laid and installed, especially suitable for old buildings, old city renovation and other projects. Aluminum cable self-locking armored is made of 5000 series aluminum alloy material, which is non-magnetic, even if there is a three-phase unbalanced cable, it will not produce eddy current effect and reduce the current carrying capacity of the cable, which is incomparable to the traditional steel belt armored cable. Compared with aluminum core cable of the same cross-section, the current carrying capacity of aluminum alloy cable is stronger than that of traditional cable. This kind of bare conductor cable varies according to different specifications.

What are the advantages of aluminum alloy cables

Good corrosion resistance

The inherent corrosion resistance of aluminum stems from the formation of a thin but strong oxide layer when the aluminum surface comes into contact with air, and this oxide layer is particularly resistant to various forms of corrosion. The rare earth elements added to the alloy can further improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, especially electrochemical corrosion.

Characterized by connection properties

Electrical connections made with aluminum alloys are as safe and stable as those made with copper conductors. The composition of aluminum alloy greatly improves its connection performance. When the aluminum alloy conductor is annealed, the added iron produces high strength creep resistance, which ensures stable connections even during long periods of overload and overheating.

With the advantage of good flexibility

Aluminum alloy has good bending performance, and its unique alloy formula and processing process make the flexibility increase significantly. Aluminum alloy is 30% more flexible than copper, and 40% less recoil than copper. The bending radius of general copper cable is 10~20 times the outer diameter, while the bending radius of aluminum alloy cable is only 7 times the outer diameter, which makes it easier to make terminal connections.


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