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Types of High Voltage Power Cable

Armoured High Voltage XLPE Cable

Armoured High Voltage XLPE Cable

High voltage XLPE insulated armoured power cables are designed for distribution of electrical power with nominal voltage up to 127/220kV. They are generally ideal for installation in power supply stations, both indoors and in cable ducts, as well as outdoors, underground, and in water, as well as on cable trays for factories, switchboards, and power stations.

Maintenance of High Voltage Power Cable

  1. Ensure the construction quality, especially the production quality of the high voltage cable head must strictly meet the requirements.

  2. Just like na2xy cable, the low voltage power cable, the high voltage cable trough should also be kept dry to prevent the cable from dampness, insulation decrease, and short circuit.

  3. Regularly clean the dust accumulated on the wires and cables to prevent the dust from spontaneously igniting and causing the fire of the high-voltage cables.

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