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Types of Optical Fiber Cable

ADSS Cable

ADSS Cable

ADSS cable is loose tube stranded structure. 250m fibers are placed in a loose tube constructed of high modulus polymers. A water-resistant filling material is used to fill the tubes. The tubes (and fillers) are stranded around a non-metallic center strength part, a FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic), to form a compact and circular cable core, with the core interstices filled with filling material. The cable core is extruded with a thin PE (polyethylene) inner sheath, followed by a stranded layer of aramid yarns as a strength member; the cable is finished with a PE or AT (anti-tracking) outer sheath.

How does Optical Fiber Cable Work?

  1. Optical fiber communication producted from our opgw line is a method of communication in which signals are transmitted in the form of light, and optical fibers are used as the medium for transmitting those optical signals from one place to another.

  2. Optical fiber cable is one of important electrical wires and cables for sale, and the light wave received from the transmitter circuit to the optical cable is now sent from the source location to the destination and received at the receiver module. 2. The structure of optical fiber, which is composed of fiber core, cladding and coating layer. The fiber core is used to transmit optical signals. The cladding and the fiber core form total reflection on the inner wall to transmit optical signals to further places. The coating layer is to protect the fiber, because its strength is larger and can withstand greater impact.

  3. Due to the better confidentiality of optical fiber, many cities have been covered by optical fiber and cable.

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