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    Optical Fiber Cable (ADSS)



    ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) fiber optic cable is a non-metallic cable which supports its own weight without the use of lashing wires or messenger cables, typically installed in overhead applications along power distribution or transmission rights-of-way.



    ADSS Fiber Cable is a kind of nonmetal optical cable made of dielectric material, it can bear the load and directly hang on the power tower, and it is mainly used for communication route in overhead high voltage transmission system.

    ADSS fiber cable


    All insulated dielectric self-supporting aerial optical cable; no metal material; mainly used in power system.
    Large number of cores; light weight; can be erected on the same tower with the power line; saving resources.
    Construction and maintenance are convenient, power cut is not needed in most of the time.
    Aramid material with high tensile strength to bear the tension is used to prevent bird and gun shot.
    The thermal expansion coefficient is small, and the radian of optical cable line varies little as the temperature changes greatly.
    No lightning protection problem, it can be used in thunderstorm areas.


    Type Coaxial
    Number of Conductors ≥ 10
    Application Aerial fiber cable
    Function Delivery signal light
    Certification ADSS pass ISO9001,UL, SGS, CE
    Sheath material PE or AT for adss fiber optic cable
    Fiber type OS1/OS2,OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4
    Length per roll 2km/3km/4km ADSS fiber
    Marking Printing
    Fiber count 2 to 288 core
    Strength member FRP



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