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    Rubber Cable



    Rubber cable is also known as rubber sheathed cable or rubber power cord. Rubber cable is a kind of cable with dual insulated materials extruded. Its conductor is usually made of copper material, most of the time, pure copper strands as conductor. With the particular structure, rubber cable has good performance of electrical conductivity.


    IEC 245-53,IEC 245-66,designing and manufacturing special power cable according to the other standards required by the customer.


    These though rubber sheathed cables confirm to the IEC standard and are ideal for use in both outdoor and wet condition. The cables are ideal for lightweight hand and workshop tools while the other groups are suitable for increasing higher levels of stress and heavy duty equipment.


    Annealed flexible copper wire,rubber insulation,twisted cores together cover paper or plastic plate,rubber outer sheath

    Operation Feature

    Rating Voltage U0/U:300/500V,450/750V;
    Max.permissible operating temperature of cable conductor:60℃;
    Ambient temperature of installation :YC installation:
    YC type≥-40℃ YCW type≥-15℃;
    The bending radius of cable shall not be 5 times less than cable O.D;
    “W” derivative cable has capacities of weather-resistance and oil-resistance and be suitable foe the occasions of outdoors or oil contact.

    Technical Parameter

    Name Rated Voltage No. of Core Nominal Section Area Application
    - V - mm2 -
    Light-type Rubber Sheathed Flexible Cable 300/500 2,3 0.3-0.5
    For portable electrical instruments,equipments and tools;
    Medium-type Rubber Sheathed Flexible Cable 300/500 2,3,4,5 0.75-6 For portable electrical instruments,equipments and tools; affording larger external forces
    3+1 1.5-6
    Heavy-type Rubber Sheathed Cable 450/750 1 1.5-400 For portable electrical instruments,equipments,affording larger external force, weather-resistance and oil-resistance;
    2 1-95
    3,4 1-150
    5 1-25
    3+1 1.5-150



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